Patient Information

How do I decide if I need surgery?

The decision to proceed with surgery is yours only.  It should only be made after discussion with your surgeon and you are satisfied that you have been acquainted of the risks and rewards of the procedure.

It is important to keep in mind that your surgeon cannot guarantee that the surgery will meet all your expectations or that the surgery has no risks.

Preparing for your surgery

You may be sent a health questionnaire to fill in and return before your admission. You may also be asked to come in for some tests in advance such as:

A chest x-ray

A heart tracing (ECG)

Blood tests

Please made sure you inform Mr Shahid if you have any other medical issues such as diabetes or any allergies.  You will need to bring in a list of all your current medication you are taking especially blood thinners such as warfarin.  Furthermore, it is imperative to let us know if you will not have anyone at home to help you after your discharge from hospital.

How long before my surgery should I stop eating and drinking?

If you are having a general anaesthetic, you must eat nothing for 6 hours before your operation. You can have water only up until 3 hours before.

What happens when I arrive at the hospital for my operation?

You will usually be admitted on the day of your operation. A nurse will show you around your room and explain what will happen during your stay. You must remove all jewellery, makeup, nail varnish, contact lenses or glasses, dentures, dental plates and hearing aids. You should lock away any valuables.

The nurse will check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature and measure you for support stockings.  These are put on just before the operation to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Your anaesthetist will discuss the type of anaesthetic and pain relief after the operation.

Mr Shahid will discuss the operation with you and once you agree to proceed you will be asked to sign the consent form.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about the operation.

The Physiotherapist will show you exercises to do and plan your discharge safely.

Will I be in pain after my operation?

It is easier to prevent pain and so you will be given a range of painkillers.  These can be increased if needed.  Please ask the nurse if you require more pain killers.

Are there complications to having surgery?

All operations have risks irrespective of how minor they are.

Detailed information on the risks and benefits of the operations can be found on

Please feel free to ask Mr Shahid if you are unsure of the risks associated with an operation

How soon can I drive/ fly after my operation?

This depends upon the type of surgery

Mr Shahid normally recommends no flying/driving until 6 weeks after an operation.  However, each case can be discussed on its individual merits.  It is advisable to inform your motor insurance company that you are resuming driving after your operation, once you have been cleared by Mr Shahid.

When will I be discharged from hospital?

Mr Shahid will discuss with you how long you will expect to stay I hospital.  It is important for you to make arrangements for a friend or family member to take you home. If you are having day surgery it is recommended that you have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours following surgery. If this is not possible then it is advised that you stay in hospital overnight.

Upon discharge you will be given medications and painkillers.  The physiotherapist will give you information on the exercises you should be doing to aid your recovery.

How to make your home safer following surgery:

Fix electrical cords so as not to trip on them

Arrange furniture so it is easy to get around with crutches

Fasten or remove any rugs that may cause you to slip

If possible have a responsible adult stay with you for a few days

Information for Insured Patients

Mr Shahid is registered and recognised by all of the major insurance companies.

Patients who have Private Medical Insurance will need to contact their private health provider prior to their appointment and check the terms of their policy.

This will ensure that they are covered for their initial consultation, scans, x-rays and any other treatment that may be required. The insurance company will provide patients with a Pre Authorisation Number or Claim Number, which will need to be provided for administration and invoicing purposes and will allow us to deal with the insurance company directly for the payment of invoices.

If there is an excess on the patient’s policy, the excess will be for the patient’s own account. Payments will need to be made to Mr Shahid by cheque, credit or debit card in a timely manner.

Insured patients will require a referral letter from their GP, or another Healthcare Professional, this is stipulated by Private Medical Insurance Companies.  You must ask them to refer you to Mr Mohammad Shahid which must be stated on the letter.

Information for Uninsured /Self Pay Patients

Mr Shahid is happy to see uninsured patients in his private clinic. However it is important that uninsured patients appreciate that imaging (plain radiographs/or x-rays) may be required to achieve an initial diagnosis.  Consultation charges are available on request. Subsequent charges for imaging and if appropriate, surgical procedures may also be requested.

A GP (or other Healthcare Professional) referral letter is requested; this will provide a medical history and ensure that the GP is kept informed.

Uninsured patients will be invoiced following their consultation and payment may be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

The hospitals I work in are able to offer package prices for surgical procedures should these be required.

No payment will be taken from your card without your prior permission

If you are a self-funding patient, payment will be debited from your card following your consultations and an invoice and receipt of payment will be sent to you in the post. If you would prefer to settle your consultation charge on the day by cash or cheque directly to Mr Shahid, please contact Kay Bolton on 01905 362284 or 07960643270 to confirm this method of payment.